We work with hotels, apartment buildings and Bed & Breakfasts to update kitchens and bathrooms.

New This Year!

Epic Tub & Tile, Inc. is now offering Residential & Commercial Concrete Coatings, epoxy and reflective flooring systems!

Check back soon for pictures and more information on our new service, or call us today to learn more!

What Is the Reglazing Process?

The refinishing process is highly detailed, and requires professional training and equipment. We use only the highest quality products, with the goal of giving you a new bathtub surface that will look beautiful for many years to come.

No matter what type of surface we refinish, we go through the same basic steps that are usually […]

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Why Reglazing Your Bathtub and Tile Is Good for the Environment

Green Refinishing
You may not realize it, but reglazing is a “Green” alternative for kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs. Bathtub refinishing is the best green remodeling alternative to replacing old fixtures with new ones. When compared to replacement, refinishing not only saves you time and money, but it also saves trees, energy and the landfills.

Bathtub […]

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