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Epic Tub & Tile Refinishing Inc. is the first repair choice for construction professionals, hotel operators, apartment managers and other property managers. Our repair process can fix cracks, chips and damages on porcelain, ceramic, and fiberglass or acrylic surfaces. Reglazing can also save you thousands of dollars over replacement costs for apartments, hotels and homes. Existing bathtubs, tile, sinks, countertops and vanities can be refinished to give original luster back to an original finish, or colors can be changed to give an entire room an updated look.

The Hospitality Industry uses Bathtub and Kitchen Refinishing to maximize renovation dollars with minimum downtime. Refinishing has become the quickest and most economical way for Hotel, motel, and apartment complexes to give their guests or tenants a modern, clean bathroom with minimum cost. In addition to a cleaner, more modern looking bathroom, hotel housekeeping is quicker and easier when a bathtub and the surrounding tile walls are refinished together. Mold and mildew do not form in grout lines or caulk lines of finished tile surfaces.

Commercial bathroom and kitchen refinishing will cost a fraction of replacement costs and most jobs are completed within 24 hours. Refinishing does not involve the added expense of replacing wall and floor tile, wall board, plumbing and hardware. This means less downtime and less revenue loss for you. In addition, not touching the plumbing, which is necessary for bathtub replacement, means less trades involved in the process.

We can also apply a non-slip finish on any bathtub, whether it is being refinished or not, to protect your guests and tenants from slips or accidents. The non-slip application can often times be used within 24 hours. Hotel, motel, and apartment complex operators can agree that bathtub refinishing is the best way to maintain any facility. Refinishing a bathtub and surrounding tile is a bathroom remodeling job that can be completed in is little as 1 day. Learn more about our Anti-Slip Application

Our low-odor refinishing process allows us to refinish surfaces with little disruption to your guests or tenants. Commercial bathtub and tile refinishing is the ideal, cost effective solution for hotel, motel, and apartment bathroom or kitchen renovations.

Give all of your guests, customers and tenants an exceptional experience, while staying ahead of the competition with fresh, new looking bathrooms and countertops.

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