Property Managers


Apartment and Property Managers realize financial and logistical savings are just a few reasons why they prefer refinishing, resurfacing, and reglazing. In a competitive market, higher occupancies, and stronger rents are seen by apartments and that keep their bathrooms and kitchens in good condition. Refinishing is the most efficient and cost efficient process compared to renovations or replacements!

Get the best yield on your investment dollars, with less headache and faster time-to-market with Epic Tub & Tile Refinishing, Inc. We support the needs of your commercial property with services that could help you increase rents by $50-$150 per month.

We know that every day your unit sits vacant costs you and/or your client money. We are fast and committed to getting the job done

Our services go beyond repair and resurfacing of bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Our advice has helped hundreds of investors get more money for their property. We may be a refinishing company, but our expertise doesn’t end there, and we aren’t biased towards refinishing if it is in our client’s interest to go in a different direction. Homes and apartments with clean, modern kitchens and bathrooms rent or sell faster and for more money!

Apartment Building“Curb appeal” extends to the inside of the home, and especially into the kitchen and bathrooms. All other things being equal (such as size and location) chances are most renters/buyers will select the unit with the nicer looking bathroom and kitchen. Remember, first impressions are huge. If your investment unit is clean to begin with, you will automatically attract higher quality renters who are more likely to be clean, responsible, and take care of your investment.

Refinishing is the single highest ROI improvement you can do for your property, with the added benefit of cost certainty. No matter how hard you clean, some stains will not come out. And a worn tub will never look new.  Ugly and outdated bathrooms or kitchens can be deal-breakers, especially if alternative properties are available that have updated bathrooms and kitchens. For about 20% of the price of replacements, we can make the most important rooms in the house or apartment look clean and modern – and you will reap the benefits!

By using our refinishing services, you will not only will you make more on rent, you will attract high quality and responsible renters.